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FREE Dark Web Scan

Uncover the information that is exposed about your firm online and learn the necessary actions you need to take to protect yourself against cyber threats.

Overcome Unique Challenges

  • Outdated Systems: We update software seamlessly for improved performance.
  • Cyber Threats: We provide layered protection and education for safety.
  • No Device Training: We offer in-person/remote training for optimal device use.
  • Unorganized Data: We organize and secure data for easy access.
  • Challenge Setting Up Remote Workers: We ensure secure connections and access to critical files.
  • Budget limitations: We maximize technology within your budget.

Empower Your Firm with Secure & Efficient Solutions

Partner with Microtech for seamless, tailored IT solutions. From Palm Beach to Miami, we're located in Fort Lauderdale and offer expert managed IT support and cybersecurity. We work with personal injury attorney firms, corporate law firms, intellectual property firms, criminal defense firms, family law firms, employment firms, real estate firms, and more. Enjoy uninterrupted access to critical resources and ensure the smooth operation of your digital infrastructure. Trust us to enhance legal operations while providing cost-effective services.

The Hardware We Sell, Install & Service

Professional products and installation for diverse hardware devices

Desktops & Laptops


Desk & Mobile Phones

Wi-Fi Networks & Routers

Printers & Scanners

Interactive Whiteboards

Video Conferencing Cameras

Power Supply Battery Backups

Data Backup & Recovery Systems

Servers, Switches, & More

Comprehensive Training for Law Firms

Join Microtech for a free on-demand webinar hosted by Brian Butterfield, who was recently featured in VCSO Magazine. This informative webinar focuses on helping law firms identify potential breaches and offers strategies to detect and defend against cyber attacks. The webinar provides practical guidance and tips for recognizing signs of a breach and implementing effective cyber security measures.

Software Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Document Management Systems (DMS)
  • Case Management Software
  • Billing and Accounting Software
  • Legal Research Tools
  • Practice Management Software
  • Network Security
  • Cybersecurity
  • Timekeeping Software
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Software
  • E-Discovery Software
  • Electronic Signature Software & More

Break Free From Your Law Firm’s Current IT Company

Seamlessly switch to Microtech's 5-star IT and cybersecurity services. Serving law offices from Palm Beach to Miami, our proven 1-2-3 approach ensures a smooth transition.


Analyze. Assess, monitor, and optimize your network with tailored solutions.


Stabilize. Safeguard your systems, ensure updates, and resolve issues promptly.


Strategize. Develop a customized technology strategy to achieve your goals.

See what other firms are saying about us

"We are very happy with our relationship with Microtech, their consistent reliability and trustworthiness have given us complete peace of mind. Microtech’ s team of skilled professionals were able to quickly implement networking and cybersecurity measures for our Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami law offices, delivering unmatched managed IT and cybersecurity services. Microtech not only worked around our busy schedule, but they also provided us with necessary information and recommendations to assist us when making the switch from our old IT company."

Erica Kay Buckius
Young, Berman, Karpf & Karpf, P.A.
Miami, FL

"Microtech has been our go-to tech company since we opened our law firm over ten years ago. Brian and his crew have been at our side every step of the way. They are smart, responsive and have helped us deal expeditiously with every possible tech issue a business can encounter. I highly recommend the Microtech team to my closest friends and colleagues. They are one of the best kept secrets in South Florida."

Robert W Kelley, Esq.
Founding Partner
Kelley/Uustal, PLLC
Fort Lauderdale, FL

"The best administrative decision we ever made in our law practice, was choosing Microtech as our IT support firm. They are head and shoulders above the rest. In over a decade of support, there is nothing Brian and his team haven’t been able to fix.

Their response time is incredible. Their billing is beyond fair. Our office runs smoothly and without worry knowing we have them to guide and assist. Any office that aspires to be at pinnacle performance needs to have Microtech on the team!"

Lisa A. McNelis, Esq
Founding Partner
Roselli & McNelis, PA
Boca Raton, FL


IT Solutions For Law Firms

With over 30 years of experience, Microtech provides comprehensive IT support to law firms throughout the Palm Beach to Miami region. Under the guidance of our esteemed Managing Directors, Brian Butterfield and Todd Cummings, our team of experts excels in delivering customized solutions that elevate legal operations. Boost your firm's efficiency, streamline processes, and empower your team with technology solutions specifically designed for the legal industry.

Protect Your Firm's Information with a Complimentary Dark Web Scan

Is your firm's sensitive information secure? Say goodbye to concerns about compromised data by taking advantage of our FREE Dark Web Scan. Our scan will thoroughly investigate the Dark Web for any signs of exposure for your company. Within 3 business days or less, receive a confidential Microtech Report containing the scan results and valuable tips to safeguard your valuable information. Take the first step by filling out the form on this page to get your quick and accurate results.