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Hurricane-Proof Technology Checklist for Businesses

A Concise Checklist To Enhancing Business IT & Cybersecurity for Hurricanes
Hurricanes pose a unique challenge to businesses, testing your IT infrastructure and cybersecurity like never before. At Microtech, a leader in cybersecurity with three decades of service in South Florida, we grasp the pivotal role technology plays during crises like storms. This checklist, distilled from our wealth of experience, empowers you to evaluate and enhance your preparedness. It's time to question whether your current IT provider is truly equipping you for success.

Preparations 60-90 Days Before the Hurricane:

Strategic Planning Essentials:

  • Safely store data in reliable cloud repositories.
  • Implement data encryption and multi-factor authentication.
  • Identify essential devices to remain operational during evacuation (internet, network, etc.).
  • Plan for maintaining phone functionality during the storm.
  • Develop strategies for staying connected amid service disruptions via email, text, and LinkedIn private messages.
  • Evaluate asset vulnerability to water damage, and relocate if needed.
  • Formulate a cybersecurity breach response plan.
  • Keep software current with regular security patches.
  • Devise a pre, during, and post-hurricane marketing strategy to keep a positive PR presence.

Remote Work Training:

  • Distribute a PDF guide outlining storm-related remote work procedures via email.
  • Educate staff on identifying suspicious emails and potential phishing attempts.
  • Train employees to recognize unauthorized access and unusual activities.
  • Provide guidance on securing personal devices for remote work.

Effective Communication:

  • Compile comprehensive contact lists for personnel, support, vendors, and emergencies.
  • Develop a communication strategy employing email, text, and LinkedIn updates.
  • Ensure all employees have dependable communication devices for remote work.
  • Implement automated alert systems for critical incidents.

Additional Assets for IT Resilience and Security:

  • Review and secure 24/7 managed IT services for resilience during disruptions.
  • Strengthen network security against potential cyber threats during hurricanes.
  • Enhance cybersecurity protocols to thwart breaches during storms.
  • Verify VoIP systems capability to sustain communication in adverse conditions.
  • Secure Wi-Fi networks and routers to uphold communication and data integrity.
  • Equip individual computers with UPS battery backups and surge protectors.
  • Provide UPS battery backups and surge protectors for network components (modem, router, switches).
  • Implement data backup solutions and ensure up-to-date cloud storage.
  • Safeguard servers and switches to minimize potential downtime.
  • Utilize protective covers for computers and equipment in case of ceiling leaks.
  • Ensure power generators are available for critical systems.
  • Set up water barriers and elevate storage solutions to prevent water damage.
  • Waterproof essential items in secure containers.
  • Arrange emergency lighting for visibility during power outages.
  • This categorization organizes your checklist into four distinct sections, eliminating repetition while maintaining clarity and logical progression of tasks.

Preparations 7-15 Days Before the Hurricane:

  • Communicate company-wide strategy and equipment shutdown procedures via email and text.
  • Ensure access to emergency contact lists.
  • Ensure the team has remote access to their computers

Preparations 1-2 Days Before the Hurricane:

  • Secure desktops and laptops to prevent damage from power fluctuations.
  • Safeguard tablets to ensure they are protected from any potential water damage.
  • Safeguard printers and scanners from potential water damage.
  • Protect desk and mobile phones from potential water damage or power loss.
  • Reiterate strategy and equipment shutdown amongst the team via email.
  • Elevate and protect devices, and set up a VPN for secure access.
  • Reinforce office and equipment protection measures.

During the Hurricane:

  • Provide storm updates about how the building is doing via email.
  • Continuously monitor the network for suspicious activity.

Post-Hurricane Actions:

  • Issue updates on storm response and resumption of business via email and text.
  • Conduct system health checks and cybersecurity audits.
  • Recover data, and collaborate with IT support.

Remember, preparedness is ongoing. Regularly revisit and refine your strategy to stay resilient against evolving technologies and emerging threats. It's time to challenge your IT provider and ensure they're keeping pace with your business needs.

Question your current IT and cybersecurity strategy. Are you truly prepared for the next hurricane?

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