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Hurricane-Proof Technology Checklist for Families

A Concise Checklist To Enhancing Family's IT & Cybersecurity for Hurricanes

As the hurricane approaches, ensuring the safety of your loved ones can feel overwhelming. Below, we've shared the checklist we provide to our staff and their families. Feel free to share it within your own circles. Don't let your incredible home office or surround sound system get destroyed. This checklist could save you thousands and help keep you protected from cyber threats.

Preparations 60-90 Days Before the Hurricane:

Family Communication Plan:

  • Create an updated contact list on paper including family members, relatives, and close friends.
  • Designate an out-of-town contact person as a central communication point.
  • Ensure all family members understand the plan.

Emergency Supplies:

  • Assemble an emergency supply kit with non-perishable food, water, medications, first aid items, and personal hygiene products.
  • Include hurricane-specific items such as flashlights, batteries, and NOAA weather radio
  • Regularly check and update the emergency kit contents.

Secure Important Documents:

  • Digitally store essential documents (IDs, passports, insurance policies) in cloud storage or on a portable drive.
  • Use waterproof containers to safeguard physical copies of crucial documents.

Hurricane Shutter/Board Installation:

  • Verify hurricane shutter or board installation procedures for your home.
  • Ensure necessary tools and materials are on hand for quick setup.

Preparations 7-15 Days Before Hurricane Threat:

Review and Update:

  • Revise the family communication plan, contact list, and emergency supplies as needed.
  • Check with neighbors to see if they will be home for the storm to help one another if needed.

Home Protection Measures:

  • Inspect windows, doors, and roof for vulnerabilities; reinforce if necessary.
  • Trim trees and shrubs to reduce potential debris.

Emergency Training:

  • Train family members in hurricane preparedness, including evacuation routes and assembling storm shutters/boards.
  • Conduct hurricane evacuation drills with all family members.
  • Review evacuation routes and designated meeting points.

Preparations 1-2 Days Before Hurricane Arrival:

Finalize Emergency Kit:

  • Ensure your emergency supply kit is complete and easily accessible.
  • Ensure you have a backpack of your most essential items in case you need to leave that location. (Important documents, medications, change of clothes, etc)

Secure Outdoor Items:

  • Store or secure outdoor furniture, toys, and equipment that could become projectiles.

Charge Devices:

  • Fully charge cell phones, power banks, and any necessary electronic devices.

During the Hurricane:

Stay Informed:

  • Monitor official weather updates and evacuation orders.
  • Follow local news and emergency alerts.

Follow Safety Guidelines:

  • Stay indoors away from windows and doors during the storm.
  • Use battery-powered devices for news updates in case of power outages.

Post-Hurricane Actions:

Assess Home Safety:

  • Inspect your home for damage, gas leaks, and structural issues before re-entry.
  • If you evacuated, wait for authorities to declare it safe to return.

Communication and Check-ins:

  • Contact the out-of-town contact to share your status.
  • Reach out to friends and relatives to let them know you're safe.

Evaluate Supplies:

  • Check and replenish your emergency supply kit.
  • Monitor local news for updates on recovery efforts.

Imagine the devastating aftermath of a hurricane compromising your social security and banking information. Beyond mere inconvenience, this breach could potentially lead to financial losses, identity theft, and lasting damage to your reputation.

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